Walk Behind Mower Push Button Control

Need a Quote?

An OEM in the outdoor products industry had been buying a die spring made out of .081” x .123” chrome silicone used for a push button on a walk-behind mower. When their other supplier was not able to get material to make the springs, they asked Patrick to quote and reviewed the part and it's purpose. With a conversation with the engineers of the company, Patrick discovered they really did not need a chrome silicon die spring (which can be 10 times the cost of a standard compression spring). The part was re-designed by the engineers and Patrick saved them over $200,000.00 dollars on 362,000 pcs. When the engineers were designing this “push button” control they used a spring they had around, and when the bill of materials was built, the very expensive chrome silicone die spring was on it! It is always a good idea to get your spring vendor in early when developing specifications of springs.

Annual Quantity: 50,000 pieces

Material: .095" Music