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Our custom springs are manufactured on equipment that can use the following range of wire sizes:

Custom Spring Manufacturer

Custom Spring Manufacturer

Wire Forms

Our equipment can produce wire forms and straighten & cut parts with the following wire sizes:

  • From .012” to .250” wire diameter.
  • Based on EAU and design, one of the following production methods will be utilized:
    • Secondary Department:   .020" -.250” wire diameter
    • CNC Department:   .020" -.236” wire  diameter


Flat Springs & Specials

Strip stock for flat springs is manufactured to your specifications utilizing fourslide machine.  Great for high volume demands and offers lower tooling costs.  Straighten & Cut flat springs can be manufacturerd in two different production methods.  We can ensure proper match of machinery to your design, material and usage for the most economical production method.

  • Strip Material Min/Max:
Wire forms and Assemblies

Wire forms and Assemblies


A comprehensive quality management system ensures that your quality requirements are met. Probe sensing is used to support in-process inspection ensuring quality requirements are met.  This attention to detail allows your customers to be assured that their projects are in capable hands. 

Inspection Equipment

Inspection Equipment

Order Process/Cost Analysis/Free Services:

  • Email your blueprint to Patrick Manufacturing for pricing
  • We can work with your engineers to provide design assistance as it relates to the application or other coiling or forming data parameters
  • Cost reduction analysis of new or existing jobs are always offered
  • Receive your quote and place your order
  • Pre-production samples free with production order
  • Bar coded lables, manifests, and invoices
  • ASN provided per customer's request (Advanced Shipping Notice)
  • UPS shipment  tracking number and notices given per your request
  • Supplier Portal management - We adhere to your automated direction for PO, planning and shipping schedule.
  • Design collaboration with your engineers to achieve your goals and solve problems
Torsion Spring Drawing

Torsion Spring Drawing

In House Capabilities

Our excellent in-house tooling expertise for both coiling, secondary departments and stamping tooling offers great flexibility for customers and their scheduling demands. We offer:

  • CNC and mechanical spring coilers and formers
  • High speed (popcorn) spring coiling 
  • Fourslide Machine for strip straighten & cut
  • Latest technology in inspection measuring equipment
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • PPAP certifications upon request
  • Bar coded labeling, shipping manifests and invoices
  • Cost effective packaging of all our products
Bar Coded Labeling

Bar Coded Labeling

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