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Healthcare Device Springs

Hospital Beds & Equipment

Patrick Manufacturing is a leading producer of made-to-order precision springs & wire forms for the healthcare equipment industry. Patrick manufactures custom springs including: extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, double-torsion springs, drawbar springs, stampings and magazine springs and wire forms for companies who make all forms of hospital equipment.

We manufacture high volume springs and wire forms for a variety of OEM's and contract manufacturers for applications such as:

  • Hospital beds
  • Technology carts
  • Gurneys
  • Supply cabinets
  • Equipment transporters
  • People transporters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Packaging for medical products 
  • Furniture

With the increase in EHR (paperless medical records charting), the demand for ergonomically designed nurse data input carts for the medical staff's comfort and transportability is higher than ever. We can help with your next hospital equipment project. Our production expertise can handle high-volume demand and provide personal customer service for day to day requests, such as to expedite special move ups and to accomodate other fluctuations in your schedule.

Medical Device Springs

Our pride is evident in the care and attention our valuable customers receive each and every day. It is our passion to provide our customers with the most economical production rates, and to supply your lines with free-flowing product on time and defect free.

As our ISO Certification proves, our comprehensive quality assurance policy ensures that your quality requirements are met. Probe sensing is used to support in-process inspection ensuring quality requirements are met. This attention to detail allows you and your customers to be assured that your projects are in capable hands. Certifications and PPAP’s are available upon request.

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