Precision Torsion Springs

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Mid To High Volume Double Torsion Springs Are Skillfully Manufactured and Delivered On-time

Double torsion springs work by using a right-hand and left-hand coil section connected and working in parallel to minimize friction. The action of the double torsion spring is to twist, and the rate is equal to the sum of rates for each component. Double torsion springs are manufactured using the same design principles as single bodied, however, the sections are designed with the total torque exerted divided by the two coils. Double torsion spring design should be developed so the spring is coiled from the inside to the outside. Supplying springs for OEM’s and contract manufacturers around the world, Patrick Manufacturing specializes in double torsion springs for multiple applications, including:

    • Outdoor Power Equipment (i.e. Grass chute deflectors)
    • Counter balance mechanisms
    • Window shades
    • Hinge for door and compartments
    • Auditorium seating
    • Appliances
    • Lever returns
    • Chair mechanisms
    • & More!

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Custom Double Torison Spring Materials

Whatever your application and use, Patrick Manufacturing offers the perfect industrial grade material and finishing for double bodied torsion springs. From high or low carbon wire, to non-ferrous or high strength alloys, Patrick Manufacturing's extensive spring material ordering capabilities include:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Music Wire
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pre-coated / Galvanized
  • Oil tempered
  • & More!

In addition to offering quality materials for custom double torsion springs, we offer plating and finish options for numerous applications and specifications. Not seeing the material you are looking for? Learn more about Patrick Manufacturing’s material capabilities and Contact Us today!

At Patrick Manufacturing, we produce torsion springs on state-of-the-art CNC spring coilers. We manufacture to your exact design and application specifications, such as:

  • Material
  • Operating Temperature
  • ID / OD
  • Wire Diameter
  • Free Position
  • Applied Load Force
  • Spring Rate

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Featured is a .054" galvanized hard drawn double torsion spring used in janitorial equipment with an EAU of 125, 000

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