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Patrick Manufacturing is a leading producer of made-to-print precision springs & wire forms for industry, OEM's and contract manufacturers throughout North America, Mexico & Europe. Patrick's custom springs include: extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, double-torsion springs, drawbar springs, flat springs, hinge pins and magazine springs.  Straighten and cut processes are also available.

All products are made to perform per your specifications and giving you the ultimate resource for your production needs.  Your engineered components and original equipment are at their best when they have Patricks' springs & wire forms in your bill of materials!

Patrick Manufacturing’s workhorses are the numerous multi-axis, servo controlled CNC spring coilers on the production floor. The machines manufacture springs & wire forms efficiently and offer process controls helping you realize cost reduction goals without compromising quality objectives. Patrick has numerous CNC coilers ready to manufacture your springs.  Wire forms can also be made in our CNC wire formers or fourslide.  Patrick Manufacturing is prized in that it is run by its owners and it is 100% women-owned. Patrick is an established industry-respected manufacturer who has been supplying companies like yours since 1984. By analyzing, problem solving, and developing innovative solutions, we're helping set the standard for superior customer satisfaction in the 21st century.


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